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The League promotes projects and activities that promote local and regional history with its substantial network of historians, colleagues and experts from Illinois and other locations. Contact the League office with the information below if you wish to be included in our peer network.


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Mission Statement


To bring history lovers together, and promote Illinois local and regional historic assets.


To increase public awareness in Illinois of the value of these historic assets.


To educate the public on the importance of history, and its continuing relevance for today.



Origin and Evolution of Illinois Counties

Illinois Carnegie Library System

Community Areas/Neighborhoods of Chicago

Chicago Place Name Etymologies


Illinois Historic Group Directory Project

Administrator Bill Kenney

Northern Illinois Historic League Directors Bill Kenney (Crystal Lake),

Tina Beaird (Oswego), Joanne Yasus (Chicago), Jolyn Crawford (Forest Park), Yolanda Bouchee (Chicago), Ron Arnold (Monee)


1037 Boxwood Dr.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014-8398

(815) 579-7286




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Source data National Register of Historic Places/Chicago Landmarks custom Northern Illinois presentations Wikipedia

Source data Illinois County/Municipality custom presentations IPUB11 reference Illinois Secretary of State, NIHL research for county/municipality websites

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