Bill Kenney Column – Opened 07/03/2021





Opening of the Bill Kenney Column – Northern Illinois Historic League/Illinois Historic Group Directory


July 3, 2021 – I am pleased to announce that my column will be opening today and be accessible through the Northern Illinois Historic League website for general public access. As with all columns, the content shown will be presented under my authorship and includes items I feel are worthy for publication, education and awareness.


Information shown in my column will be containing material where Bill did the substantial research to capture and contain the information shown. While I always appreciate help when I ask for it from colleagues, most of the work is still done under my direction as the Illinois Historic Group Directory administrator.


Additional instructions can and should be expected within each custom future directory page.


The Bill Kenney column will have new features and pages added continuously due to the massive amount of research that is ongoing. I would recommend marking the home page for Bill’s column for rapid access for those who are interested in new detail being published.


Future operating guidelines:

-        All historic organizations shown in my column are eligible to be shown and presented in my opinion. This includes initial displays of all currently valid 501©3 Illinois organizations, along with all known operating historic preservation commissions or other city/village boards with commissions with similar naming regarding their purpose.


-        I will be planning to open a ‘Friends of the League’ directory page. The Friends page, as it will be known prospectively, will contain contact detail for those who have given permission to be shown and to have their information shared with the peer community. Once organized, invitations to become a Friend will originate from the League office.


-        Individuals shown are provided with permission of the person.


Public organizations do not need to give permission to be shown, but those who have will have enhanced information from my column including gateways to their websites, designations on if they are Preferred Partners of the League, and if they include Friends in their organization. Private Foundations may seek to deny publication of their organization by contacting the League office where I will review the case in question to turn off group publication on public League directory pages upon request.


-        While my work is Illinois centered, I am pleased to include a number of history supporters from around the world in the directory and it is expected some of these will approve becoming future Friends. People from other states and countries have given permission to be included just like those from Illinois itself.