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National Register of Historic Places - 102 county Illinois statewide display

(County, City, Alpha Property Order - includes National Historic Landmarks) (Park Service last update 06/17/2021)

(Contact the League office if you want to request Excel download of this presentation)

National Register of Historic Places - 2021 Illinois additions to the register - Executive Summaries

(Directory List Excel Spreadsheet downloaded with links to package summary documentation in PDF file format)

Illinois National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom


Other Key Online References - Illinois History


Origin and Evolution of Illinois Counties

Illinois Carnegie Library System

Community Areas/Neighborhoods of Chicago

Chicago Place Name Etymologies



Illinois Historic Group Directory Project

Administrator - Bill Kenney


1037 Boxwood Dr.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014-8398

(815) 579-7286




Directory Logo icon - interpreted to be public domain image as of July 2020, will provide credit to owner if proof of other image ownership established

Source data - National Register of Historic Places/Chicago Landmarks custom Northern Illinois presentations - Wikipedia

Source data - Illinois County/Municipality custom presentations - IPUB11 reference Illinois Secretary of State, NIHL research for county/municipality websites

Source Data - National Park Service presentation sites for Certified Local Governments, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

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